Kerala Assembly Unanimously Passes Resolution Urging Centre To Rename State As Keralam

The Kerala Assembly adopted a resolution urging the Centre to rename the state as “Keralam”. The resolution was moved by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. The CM urged the Centre to change the name of the state Kerala to ‘Keralam’ in all languages included in the Eight Schedule of the Indian Constitution. The UDF opposition, which is led by Congress, too accepted the resolution without suggesting any amendments or modifications. 

On the basis of a show of hands, Speaker AN Shamseer then pronounced it to have been unanimously approved by the legislature.

 The CM passed the resolution and said that the state was called ‘Keralam’ in Malayalam but Kerala in other languages. 

The CM said that the states were formed on the basis of language on November 1, 1956, and it is observed as Kerala formation day. 

He claimed that the Malayalam-speaking communities yearned for a united Kerala and it had grown significantly since the start of the national liberation fight.

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On the resolution, Vijayan said, as per PTI, “This Assembly unanimously requests that the Union Government take urgent action to change the name of the state to Keralam in accordance with Article 3 of the Constitution. The Assembly also proposes that the state’s name be changed to Keralam in all of the languages included in the Constitution’s Eighth Schedule.”

However, he said that the name of the state has been written as Kerala in the First Schedule of the Consitution.

In fact, the Bharatiya Janata Party’s state unit uses “BJP Keralam” as its account handle on X, formerly known as Twitter. Residents of Kerala already refer to their state as Keralam.

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