Controversial break-up storyline to possibly begin, returning star’s defeat to lead to a heel turn after 4 years?

Welcome to the RAW after SummerSlam 2023 Preview. While the ending of SummerSlam certainly resulted in a lot of criticism, you won’t hear too much of that negativity on the RAW side of things.

Five of the nine matches on the card were from the red brand, and they mostly delivered, with some major feuds ending and some outcomes leading to bigger things ahead. With the second-biggest show of the year now in the books, here is what you have to look forward to tonight on RAW:

#6. Will The Judgment Day be in Dire Straits after SummerSlam 2023?

Damian Priest seemingly cost Finn Balor the World Heavyweight Title
Damian Priest seemingly cost Finn Balor the World Heavyweight Title

With fans unsure about the future of The Bloodline, The Judgment Day has become the de-facto #1 faction in WWE – and most certainly the most important group on Monday Night RAW.

But that could come to an end sooner than we think. The idea of The Judgment Day breaking up is rather controversial, especially given the impact they’ve had since the post-Edge era of the faction.

Damian Priest cost Finn Balor the World Heavyweight Title at Money in the Bank last month, and he seemingly did the same at SummerSlam when he placed his MITB briefcase inside the ring.

While it was unclear as to whether he was looking to cash in himself or simply help his fellow-Judgment Day member, it backfired as Seth Rollins hit the stomp on Balor right onto the briefcase.

As a result, The Visionary got the win, and despite Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio both coming out to help, it didn’t work. Will WWE begin a controversial break-up storyline for The Judgment Day on RAW after the events of SummerSlam?

#5. What’s next for Gunther and Drew McIntyre?

The Intercontinental Champion is now less than a month away from breaking an all-time record
The Intercontinental Champion is now less than a month away from breaking an all-time record

Drew McIntyre fell short of Intercontinental Champion Gunther at SummerSlam 2023 in what was another magnificent title defense from the Ring General.

The Imperium leader is now officially less than a month away from breaking The Honky Tonk Man’s record of 454 days and just four days away from beating Pedro Morales’ record of 425 days.

Given that we know how the Triple H-era of WWE has been all about longer title reigns and breaking records, it seems quite clear that nobody is ending The Intercontinental Champion’s run until September at the very least.

Given that Payback is on September 2nd, Drew McIntyre could potentially get another title shot, which we would also expect him to lose. Either way, it’s possible that the build-up to him turning heel after four years begins tonight on RAW.

#4. Becky Lynch prepares for vengeance next week on RAW

Becky Lynch vs. Trish Stratus was unfortunately left off the SummerSlam 2023 card, but they will get a big spotlight next week in Winnipeg as RAW goes to Trish Stratus’ home country of Canada (but not her hometown Toronto).

With Zoey Stark banned from ringside for that match, we will likely see the final week of this rivalry tonight, with the two technically now 1-1 as Trish was DQ’d against Becky Lynch last week.

#3. Will Rhea Ripley’s match with Raquel Rodriguez finally be made official?

Raquel Rodriguez was driven by vengeance last week on RAW because of what Rhea Ripley did to her tag team partner Liv Morgan. However, Ripley still got the better of her, and while we expected a Women’s World Title match to be made official for SummerSlam, it seems like the injury sustained by Rodriguez was too much for her to be cleared.

Still, Adam Pearce reassured her in the medical room that once she was cleared, she would get a shot at The Eradicator. Will we see her get a measure of revenge this week?

#2. A new chapter begins for Cody Rhodes

The American Nightmare and The Beast Incarnate ended their feud on a positive note
The American Nightmare and The Beast Incarnate ended their feud on a positive note

Cody Rhodes’ story continues with a brand new chapter. His time between WrestleMania 39 and SummerSlam 2023 was occupied by Brock Lesnar and briefly Dominik Mysterio as well.

With Cody Rhodes ending the series with Lesnar at 2-1, the Beast Incarnate embraced him and raised his hand, turning face again and officially putting a close to that chapter.

Since we’re not going to see Lesnar until the next Saudi Arabia show, which is rumored to be on November 4th, there is going to be a brand new feud for The American Nightmare.

Who will step up to be the next part of Cody’s incredible run?

#1. What’s next for Seth Rollins on RAW?

The Visionary defied the odds at SummerSlam 2023
The Visionary defied the odds at SummerSlam 2023

As we mentioned earlier, Seth Rollins is still the World Heavyweight Champion despite the odds placed against him at SummerSlam. Many didn’t expect him to walk out as World Champion – with some predicting that Finn Balor would get his vengeance, while others anticipated that Damian Priest would cash in.

Somehow, he escaped with the World Heavyweight Title intact, and tonight on RAW, we will see who steps up to the plate to challenge him at Payback 2023.

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