Aaron Rodgers’ Twitter activity highlights Jets QB’s take on viral video of Patrick Mahomes refusing to sign autograph

Aaron Rodgers might not have commented on the issue of Patrick Mahomes refusing to sign an autograph, but his latest Twitter activity seems to indicate the side he is leaning on.

The whole kerfuffle happened at a golf tournament when a child asked for an autograph from the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback. The player was in the middle of a tournament and politely declined to be distracted by such a request. That did not please the father, which is also understandable that his child could not get a signature from a sports star that he probably looks up to.

When the full nature of the incident came to light, Green Bay Packers linebacker De’Vondre Campbell weighed in. He made it clear that he believed that players do not owe anyone an autograph. He said many people sell it for profits afterward anyway and no one should act entitled as they deserve one.

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Aaron Rodgers went ahead and liked his former teammate’s post. The Tweet in question and the screenshot of the quarterback liking it are both given below.

Screenshot of Jets' Quarterback's liked Tweet related to Patrick Mahomes' refusal to sign autograph
Screenshot of Jets’ Quarterback’s liked Tweet related to Patrick Mahomes’ refusal to sign autograph

Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers both understand the unfair scrutiny of superstars

Fans make assumptions about sporting superstars, many of which are over the top. Conversely, many of them are rather unfair.

Patrick Mahomes has had to deal with negative stories about his family for years. Fans have been extremely critical of his wife, Brittany, and his brother, Jackson. At times, it got so bad that his mother had to get involved and come to his defense.

Some of the criticism, though, has been merited and it has also shown how fans can take sides that hurt other people. For example, in the case of Jackson Mahomes’ alleged sexual misconduct, the victim now regrets reporting the incident because their business has been targeted by fans.

Aaron Rodgers himself has had to face criticism recently for many of his actions beginning with his stance on COVID-19 vaccines. His claim of being immunized was debunked and since then, he might have felt being unfairly targeted as a prominent sports figure, including by the President of the United States.

Perhaps it is because of that he has the empathy to back Patrick Mahomes in the latest incident over his refusal to sign an autograph. Or maybe, Aaron Rodgers is cautioning the New York market, infamous for the spotlight it puts on celebrities, to stay out of his grill.

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